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We are Bard College’s only student newspaper. We print once a month during the academic year, and our coverage includes – but is not limited to – community news, feature writing, campus culture & activities, art reviews, opinions & editorials, sports updates, and news from Bard’s satellites around the world. We include student photography and artwork, and are completely student-run. We hold open office hours every Tuesday 7:30 – 8:30 pm in our office, which is located in the basement of Tewksbury.
© Bard Free Press, 2013. Born, raised, and habituated at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.

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Gigi Cheng’s Authentic Chinese Menu

By J.p. Lawrence A human thrust in a new environment has to translate so much about themselves. Their words and


A Frank Conversation about Sports with President Leon Botstein

By Avery Mencher “There’s a joke about a president of a Big Ten university,” President Leon Botstein tells me with


Bard Tries to Escape the Numbers to Focus on the Words

By Naomi LaChance Henry Gonzalez wrote the four essays to run away from the numbers. He was skeptical of the


Lil B, Unwrapped

Illustration by Katie McDonough By Olivia Forman “By the graces of the Based God, we will finally have a Spring

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By Rajasri Narasimhan I am not an activist. Yet if you asked me if I cared about the world, I


By Madeline Porsella I'm graduating, so now what? - Hopeless in Hudson My dad has always joked that I will

Pieces of reality from Karmel Khaled

By J.p. Lawrence The photos hung like flags on a string behind Stone Row. They were the work of Karmel

Featured Artist: Cassidy Turner

Interview by Olivia Crumm Free Press: Where are you from? Cassidy Turner: Los Angeles. FP: Tell me about your project.