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We are Bard College’s only student newspaper. We print once a month during the academic year, and our coverage includes – but is not limited to – community news, feature writing, campus culture & activities, art reviews, opinions & editorials, sports updates, and news from Bard’s satellites around the world. We include student photography and artwork, and are completely student run.
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Seasonal Suppers: Our New Monthly Food Column

We are housemates who love to cook. The kitchen is the largest room in our tiny third-floor Red Hook apartment,

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Picture This: The Struggle To Be Casual-But-Fashionable

You look in your closet. Everything you own is hideous. You pull out that lumpy blue sweater. You will wear


Bed Bugs Bug Bard

Last week, bed bugs were found in three rooms in New Robbins.


Fleeing Syrian Detainment: Sana Mustafa Comes To Bard

Pacing around the crowded marketplace in Damascus downtown, Sana went over the map of the narrow streets in her head.

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“Moves and Countermoves” Moves Into CCS

The title “Moves & Countermoves” appears to reference the spatiality of game strategy or, conversely, the relation of objects

Meet Rebecca Thomas: Bard’s New Dean

In mid-February, President Leon Botstein sent out an unexpected email announcing that Dean of the College Michèle Dominy would step

Community Garden To Be Perennial Food Resource

Punctuated by wooden trusses and planters lush with produce, the Bard College Community Garden is immersed in its surrounding environment.

Pavlina Tcherneva: Superstar Economist

Viral economic theory sounds like an oxymoron. But the work of Pavlina Tcherneva, an economist and Bard professor, recently caused