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We are Bard College’s only student newspaper. We print once a month during the academic year, and our coverage includes – but is not limited to – community news, feature writing, campus culture & activities, art reviews, opinions & editorials, sports updates, and news from Bard’s satellites around the world. We include student photography and artwork, and are completely student run.
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sushi (1)

Chartwells Dreams of Sushi: This is How We Roll

Because sushi has become such a staple at DTR, many might have noticed a change since returning from winter break.

tivolihouses (1)

Rent in Tivoli: The Race is On

The cold hard truth is that renting an apartment in Tivoli has turned into an extremely competitive process


Where Do We Go Now? Administration Reflects on Last Semester’s Social Culture

In moving forward, it is vital that we recognize the issues that once caused an unsettling atmosphere in the final


Chartwells to Pizza Bandits: Someone Has to Pay

A change in security was implemented in Kline Commons for a number of reasons, among them: the amount of

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Montgomery Place Sale Finalized

Montgomery Place is ours–all 380 acres of it–we have an asset to rejuvenate and invigorate with community spirit.

Bard Professor Joan Tower Nominated For Grammy Award

This nomination wasn’t Tower’s first encounter with the award world.

The African Booty Scratcher

The whiteness that you were unconsciously forced to adopt grew like tapeworms inside your belly until you were robbed of

Nietzsche, Oppression and Bard

The exact privileges conferred by attending Bard do not seem to be very well understood.