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We are Bard College’s only student newspaper. We print once a month during the academic year, and our coverage includes – but is not limited to – community news, feature writing, campus culture & activities, art reviews, opinions & editorials, sports updates, and news from Bard’s satellites around the world. We include student photography and artwork, and are completely student run.
© Bard Free Press, 2014. Born, raised, and habituated at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.
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Everything in Moderation, Including Off-Campus Living

Last month, the Free Press broke news of the school’s decision to require all students to remain on campus until


Let’s Go Swimming: A Guide to Local Water Holes

By Jackson Rollings I’m breaking oath for a minute in writing this. To reveal the location of a fine swimming


Dear Leon, Here is Who We Would Like to Hear at Commencement

Bard is known for being a non-traditional, creative, off-the-beaten-path school. Who better to represent us and our collective vision than


Art Gains a New Dimension: Four-D Opens its Doors

I enter the Old Gym and it feels quite different. There’s nice music, and lots of chatter – what I

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Letter From Free Press Editor-in-Chief, 2007-2009

So good to meet you guys today and visit the office. Here's some words for your issue. I hope it's

Writers Read: Conjunctions Celebrates 25 years at Bard

A man walks into the Olin atrium and looks at a Bard volunteer anxiously awaiting questions. “I’m debating coming

“Yet Another Opinion from a White Guy… Sorry”

When I commit an act of micro-aggression, it is always my fault. I cannot be clearer that as a white

ilLiberal Education: a Story from Russia

Imagine if today, in the middle of the term, your professor were dismissed without any comprehensible reason and no one